History of the Project 

When a two-year old child arrived – so badly abused by his father that he was both Mentally and Physically Handicapped and nowhere to stay, the Community realized that it had now become essential to make provision for Children with these Disabilities.

On September 1, 1999 Huis Talje opened its doors.  This two-year old Child was the inspiration that lead to the event.

 According to the Department of Health and Social Development a Special Home for such Children was needed, thus the birth of Huis Talje Children’s Home. 

Our Children cannot be put in a normal Children’s Home because of their disabilities. Specialized care is needed as well as Special Attention to their dietary needs.

Since 1 September 1999, many children have been accommodated.

After working closely with the Departments of Health and Social Development, Huis Talje Children’s Home has been registered as Children’s Home catering for Children with Special Needs.

We receive a subsidy of R 4 500.00 per Child per month.  Our running costs amount to R 399 915.90 per month and cannot be met with these amounts.

Project Overview

The Aim of Huis Talje Children’s Home is to:

Provide Total Care for Severely Physically and/or Mentally Handicapped Children

Facilitate the Development of Human Capacity, Quality of Life and Self-reliance within a Caring and Enabling Environment.

Implement the Project with the following Principles:

  • Accountability and Responsibility
  • Appropriateness
  • Empowerment
  • Family Preservation
  • Community Participation
  • Respect for Integration, Equity and Cultural Diversity
  • Effectiveness and Efficiency
  • Protection of Children’s Rights
  • Quality of Service
  • Continuous Care and Development

The Objective of Huis Talje Children’s Home is to:

  • Encourage and assist Efforts Aimed at Stabilizing Family Life and Improving the Social and Educational Environment of Severely Intellectually and/or Physically Handicapped Children.
  • Co-operate and Network with Government, like-minded Organizations and Institutions to avoid Duplication and keep Abreast of all Developments related to child Welfare.
  • Provide Care for all Children referred by Court Order, the various Departments and the surrounding Communities to the best of our Ability and Financial Resources.
  • Provide in-service Training Programmes.
  • To provide Educational Stimulation to Children, with the Capacity for it.
  • Raise the funding needed for our Programmers through local Community Events, working with Service Organizations to Establish a Formal Fundraising Drive.
  • Market the Project Nationally and Internationally.

Huis Talje Children’s Home provides care in the following way:

  • Lodging, Clothing and Meals.
  • Safety, Security and Stability
  • Supervision and Discipline
  • Medical and Dental Care
  • Occupational Therapy/Speech Therapy/Physio Therapy
  • Access to Psychiatric and Psychological Services
  • Stimulation, Educational and Recreational Activities
  • Preservation of own Identity, Privacy, Religion and Culture

Appliance according to the Minimum Standards

Huis Talje Children’s Home’s Service to Children with Special Needs is in Compliance with the four levels on, Residential Facilities for Persons with Disabilities.

 The four levels are:

  • Prevention
  • Early Intervention
  • Statutory Intervention
  • Reconstruction and After Care.

Huis Talje Children’s Home’s, services comply above average on all four levels. Monitoring is regularly done by the Department of Health and Social Development.

Dina Maserumale  (Senior Social Worker, Department of Health and Social Development) 
(014) 736 3796

Community Support

Huis Talje Children’s Home Provides Care for Children, mostly from Previously Disadvantaged Communities.

To date the bulk of the Support Needed for the Project has come from the surrounding community. The Governing Body is made up of Local Volunteers and the Local Community helps with donations of food, clothing, equipment and labour. Local Professionals help with Services such as Auditing, Medical Care, etc. at a lower rate to the Centre.

Financial Assistance is needed, and although the local Service Organization raise funds for the Project, our local community is struggling and now we must call on Organizations such as yourself, for Assistance.


There are no Organizations, Nationally, providing the same Service as Huis Talje Children’s Home, but the Project Networks closely with the following:

Department of Health, Welfare and Justice
Welfare Organizations
Local Hospital
Magistrate’s Office
Child Protection Units
Occupational Therapist
Volunteer Medical Professionals


Personnel structure

Our staff consists of the following:

  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Social Worker
  • 1 Assistant Social Worker
  • 1 Professional Nurse
  • 1 Operational Manager
  • 1 General Admin Assistant
  • 2 Rotating Supervisors
  • 4 Rotating House Mothers
  • 2 Cooks
  • 2 Laundry Attendants
  • 2 Cleaners
  • 2 Assistant Cleaners
  • 2 Auxiliary Nurses
  • 1 Factotum
  • 16 Rotating Caregivers
  • 4 Rotating Senior Caregivers

The ratio is One (1) caregiver to Four (4) children
24 hours a day.

We are open day and night 365 days a year.

Ownership and Governance

 Huis Talje Children’s Home’s ownership and governing are stipulated in our constitution as follows:

 All the business and affairs of the Children’s Home shall be managed and controlled by a governing body

 All property, movable and immovable, belonging to the society shall vest in the governing body

  The governing body in the office from time to time shall act as trustees of the property, assets and other rights of the society itself and to the exclusion of the individual members

 The governing body shall ha ve all such powers and authorities as are allowed by law and shall be entitled on behalf of the home to undertake any act of which a natural person is capable except such acts as expressly prohibited in terms of the constitution In the event of the home being dissolved, the assets shall be handed over to such other body having similar objects.


Governance Body

Ms. M Nel

Roodepoort 62
Bela Bela
079 378 9837
Business Women

Mr. W Nel

Vice – Chairperson
Roodepoort 62
Bela Bela
  Business Man

Ms. M. Oberholzer

Bela Bela
082 558 7184

Ms. N. Van Emmenis

Roodepoort 62
071 697 9259
Business Woman

Mr. P Prinsloo

Moffat Str 72A

072 498 8204

Mr. K. Crous

Emmerencia Geldenhuys
Bela Bela
083 965 8531

Mr M. Khambula

Extension 6
072 351 5965


We realize that the budget that follows is large, but we have submitted our Proposal to several other potential sponsors, and continue to hold fundraising events in our local community. In this way we are confident that we will be able to raise the funding required to Serve the Children.

Please be assured that your Contribution will make a Huge Difference.  A General Contribution for running costs is of Inestimable value. A contribution for any specific item in the budget will also be much appreciated.

Projected Budget 2020 / 2021



Subsidy Received


 in Use

1. Administrative Expenditure

R 22 064.00




R 3 363.80

Accounting Fees


R 7 298.70



R 666.50




R 2 299.00



R 3 244.00

Advertisement / Marketing


R 9 680.00


R 22 064.00

R 26 552.00


Short R 4 488.00

2. Operational Costs

R 99 288.00


Fruit and Vegetable


R 14 520.00



R 30 250.00



R 26 620.00



R 15 730.00

Cleaning Materials

R 9 680.00

Medical Expenses


R 6 050.00



R 2 662.00

Garden maintenance


R 465.80

Traveling, Accommodation and training


R 24 200.00

Municipality (Water)


R 7 223.70

Municipality (Rates)


R 3 925.20



R 16 940.00



R 3 781.20


R 99 288.00

R 162 047.90  



Short R 62 759.90

3. Direct care of Children

R 88 256.00


Direct care of Children




R 88 256.00

R 178 947.00


Short R 90 691.00

4. Equipment

R 11 032.00





R 12 100.00

Vehicle Expenses


R 560.00

Office Equipment


R 1 815.00


R 11 032.00

R 14 475.00



Short R 3 443.00





R 220 640.00

R 399 915.90


Short R 179 275.90





Amounts in use may vary from time to time due to financial increases in different products